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Find out how the financing of solar energy with BNDES works

Find out how the financing of solar energy with BNDES works

The energy system using photovoltaic panels has been increasingly used over the last few years, however, as it is a long-term investment, the installation is still considered expensive by some interested parties. One way to make this possible is through financing and then there is the need to find out how solar energy financing works. BNDES, the National Development Bank, defends sustainability and supports the population’s use of renewable energy sources. For this, it provides financing concession for the implementation of solar energy, which concession is subject to changes in the subsidy according to the applicant’s credit analysis, varying from case to case, but which can be carried out by individuals and legal entities.


How it works?

For those looking to invest in solar energy generation systems, the financing is called the Climate Fund Program and was created to make possible some plans such as: Renewable Energy, Efficient Machines and Equipment, Solid Waste, Urban Mobility and Sustainable Cities.

The Climate Fund Program guarantees financing of up to 80% of what is used, which results in up to R$ 30 million per year per person receiving the aid. This is valid for individuals and legal entities, such as entrepreneurs (including rural ones) and public entities (state governments and city halls).


Solar energy financing lines for individuals.

For Individuals, there are options available offered by Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil and Santander. Are they:

CEF Construcard

BB Construction Material Credit

Santander CDC Energy Efficiency of Equipment


The rates on these lines generally vary between 1.5% and 2.5% am and it is possible to get terms of up to 240 months, as for example in the CEF Construcard line. In line with Santander, it is possible to use the financing even without being an account holder. In the 3 lines, the financed goods must be acquired from companies accredited in the programs.



Specific lines for rural producers.

For rural producers, there are specific lines with even more attractive conditions. Are they:

CEF Inovagro

BB Inovagro


BB Pronaf Eco

The Inovagro and Pronaf Eco programs use resources from the National Development Bank (BNDES). Inovagro, for example, has a rate of 8.5% pa and a 10-year term, with a 3-year grace period. At Pronaf Eco, which is exclusively for family farming and rural production, rates can reach 2.5% per year. in the SUDENE region, in the Northeast of Brazil in addition to the north of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. This option allows for terms of up to 12 years and reduced rates that can reach 7.65% pa



Solar energy financing lines for legal entities.

In relation to Legal Entities, there are also very attractive conditions, as shown in the examples below:



BB Proger Urban Business

CEF Investgiro

BB Proger Tourism


BRDE Energy

Among these options, the most common is the BNDES Card, which has a term of up to 48 months and a basic rate close to 1.2% pm Another BNDES option is the Finame Bk Acquisition line, which has a term of up to 5 years and a basic rate of up to 9.5% pa To be acquired through any Finame line, the good must be produced in the country, obtaining a national code from the program.

BNDES makes available on its website a portal to search for products that have the Finame code. Another option available for companies is the BB Proger Urbano Empresarial line, which allows the financing of 80% of the value of goods of up to R$ 1,000,000.00, with a maximum term of 6 years and a rate close to 12% pa Unfortunately the options for domestic equipment are still few, and with higher costs compared to imported ones. Even so, when considering the time value of money and the great reduction in the amount disbursed at the time of investment, opting for national equipment with BNDES financing can be a great alternative.


For companies in the tourism sector (restaurants, hotels, passenger transport companies, others), there are specific lines BB Proger Turismo and CEF Investgiro Turismo, which allow for periods of up to 120 months and a rate close to 12.5% pa. , the FNE Sol line is also applicable to Legal Entities, as well as the BRDE Energia line, from the Regional Development Bank of Extremo Sul.


As you can see, there are several lines of financing that can be used in the acquisition of photovoltaic systems. When thinking about a project that has your profile, as well as the most suitable project profile for you, count on a team of specialized professionals who can help you from the first moment until the installation and approval part. Do you want to know even more about the forms of financing that fit in your pocket and suit what you are looking for? Register and receive all the information you need to have your solar power plant at home.

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